We are passionate about superior quality polished concrete floors. It is this passion that has guided us to become the industry’s best.

Implementing our high-grade Swedish concrete-grinding equipment, we are able to successfully remove any materials already on your concrete floor including carpet and tile glue, high spots in floors as well as epoxy coatings. This superior equipment paired with our application of colloidal silica means that not only will your floors look excellent, but they will be exceptionally strong and thus suitable for even the most active warehouse. We also offer functional services for the warehouse, such as a clean-up grind and reseal to mitigate any concerns of concrete dust build-up.

We offer:

Polished concrete flooring: using the pre-existing concrete floor, we will level, polish and seal it, bringing new life into to your home or workspace.
Rejuvenation of old worn polished concrete: We can clean up your worn concrete floor with a concrete grind and a reseal. This will restore your floor back to its former glory and resolve any concerns about concrete dust build-up.
Concrete grinding and floor preparation: Before your concrete floor can be polished, we must first remove any residue from previous floor coverings. After this, we will grind the floor to reveal a fresh, smooth concrete floor.
Floor levelling: Using top-of-the-range tools, our team will level your concrete floor to ensure it is balances, even and sturdy.
Adhesive/glue removal: Our team will remove any residue from carpet or tiles that previously covered the space. This is done with our high-quality equipment to ensure your canvas is ready to be transformed into a superior polished concrete floor.
Surface preparation: We take care of everything necessary to prepare your surface for a new polished concrete finish, this includes time-planning, avoiding patches, protecting the surface from damage, removing and cleaning up any unsightly imperfections.
Ceramic tile removal: We use state-of-the-art equipment to remove ceramic tiles from your floor in a safe and orderly fashion. When done incorrectly, attempting to remove tiles can actually cause more damage to your floor. We do it once and we do it right.
Decorative floor finishes: At Polished Concrete Australia, we also specialise in decorative floor finishes. These flooring solutions will blow your guests away with their aesthetic beauty. We are flexible to our clients and their visions. Ask us about our custom solutions.
Concrete dyes: Our team of concrete dyers are as creative as they are skilled. If you want to add the ‘wow’ factor to your polished concrete floors, then look no further. We use an airless sprayer to ensure consistently even coverage and leave you with a floor that is truly one-in-a-million.
Polished concrete reseals: If your polished concrete floor is beginning to give off dust, then it might be time to consider a floor re-grind and reseal. We offer both of these maintenance services and can get your floor looking back to brilliant in no time.
Floor logos: A simple way to take your commercial/retail floor to the next level is by adding a polished concrete logo. Equally memorable and sophisticated, our floor logos are a simple way to add an edge to your shopfront or workspace.
Acid stained concrete: Acid stain is a mix of colour pigment, hydrochloric acid and metallic or inorganic salts. These ingredients react together to make an effect that looks similar to that of marble flooring.
Burnishing concrete to polish: Our team uses high-grade burnishing equipment to, in short, blend the rough texture of your floor and reveal a surface that is shiny, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.
Concrete polishing Australia: With over 20 years of experience, our team is exceptionally skilled at conducting all of your concrete floor polishing needs.
Vinyl tile removal: Using our top-tier grinders, we are able to remove any existing vinyl tiles you have, hiding the concrete floor below. We are skilled at non-destructive removal and ensure your floor covering can be removed with no damage to the floor beneath.
Garage floor coatings: If you want to protect your garage floors from threats like liquid spills – look no further. We use high-grade epoxy sealants to ensure that the floor of your garage or workshop stays sealed and protected against spills.
Non-slip texture grinding: In spaces with humid environments, you might want to employ the added security of a non-slip texture on your concrete floor. We can provide a floor for you that is textured with our professional grinders to ensure that it is safe and slip-free.
Paint and epoxy coating removal: Epoxy is exceptionally difficult to remove (as it is designed to be permanent) however, our team is skilled at removing the most stubborn applications of epoxy. We use the best tools and the best tradespeople to promise a hastened turn-around, meaning you can get back to your business as soon as possible.
Grinding of water damaged concrete slabs: If your floor has been damaged by water, our team of friendly professionals are able to remedy this through the use of high-powered professional grinders.
Cleaning concrete floors: Polished Concrete Australia offers everything in concrete floor maintenance, including cleaning. The evidence of hard work in the warehouse can sometimes be present on your concrete floors, and while this can be charming – sometimes your floors might just need a good scrub, and this is where we come in.
Anti-slip coatings: In addition to offering a non-slip floor texture through grinding, Polished Concrete Australia also offers a range of anti-slip coatings for your concrete floor. We do this by professionally applying textured sealants to protect both your floors, your guests and your staff.
acid Stains
Safety line-marking: Our team of friendly operators offer a safety line-marking service for your workshop or warehouse. We use epoxy-coated sealants to create a long-lasting design that promotes safety and establishes order for a better-flowing workspace.
Concrete shaving: For rapid removal of toppings and exposing aggregates as well as repairing lippage from slab curling. This is also used for creating an anti-slip surface on ramps and driveways
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