An Introduction To Polished Concrete

As a building material, the use of concrete dates back centuries. Composed of a stone and cement paste, skilled tradespeople once polished the entire surface area by hand. Now, with technological advances, a surge in popularity and a demand for harder wearing finishes – today’s finishing of polished concrete floors looks vastly different.

At Polished Concrete Australia, we employ state-of-the-art Swedish floor grinding equipment and lock in the longevity of your new floor by utilizing the latest colloidal silica concrete hardeners.

High-quality tools certainly aid us to complete each project to exceptional standard, however, it’s our 20 years of industry knowledge that have enabled us to provide an unparalleled quality of craftsmanship. We are proud to produce the hardest-wearing polished concrete floors in the industry.

Polished concrete for commercial environments

Commercial spaces can be challenging when it comes to selecting the right flooring system. The high-traffic nature of commercial spaces calls for a floor that is durable, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Our polished concrete floors go above and beyond, to fulfil each of these requirements and more.

Polished Concrete Australia’s flooring solutions offer paramount durability and longevity, are exceptionally resistant to stain and wearing, offer allergen-free comfort and only require the minimal maintenance of a simple mop clean.

Traditionally, concrete floors have been overlaid with myriad floor coverings. Carpets, vinyl floors, coatings, sealers, wood and tiles are all laden with faults in longevity and a higher level of continual maintenance than their polished concrete counterpart.

The structural issues of these alternative flooring materials translate to a higher cost for you. The limited lifespan paired with the monetary and time expenses associated with maintaining them through recoating, repairs, deep-cleaning and the disruption caused by their installation – renders these modes of floor covering comparatively more demanding.

Beyond functionality, polished concrete floors offer a unique aesthetic that balance beauty and neutrality perfectly. Your new floor will offer the perfect foundation for your workspace – whether it be a high-end art gallery, concept space or office.

Our team at Polished Concrete Australia can cater to both small and large commercial projects. We achieve your desired floor finish by removing any pre-laid floor covering and continuing to grind and polish the existing concrete below, leaving you with a timeless polished surface that is as durable as it is versatile.

Polished concrete for residential homes

Polished Concrete Australia is proud to offer our industry-best services to both commercial and residential spaces.

In the past, concrete floors were predominantly employed in spaces were functionality was more important than beauty. However, the role of polished concrete flooring has transformed over the years. The versatile nature of concrete floors and the ability they have to complement almost any interior design style has been the catalyst for a huge surge in international popularity.

Our skilled operators are masters of detail and relish the satisfaction that comes with taking your basic, pre-existing concrete floor to a new level, complete with a silky-smooth texture and a glass-like finish.

Overlaying your existing concrete floor with alternative coverings like carpet, vinyl or wood can be a costly investment. Such floor coverings can be exceptionally susceptible to damage, harbour bacteria, won’t stand the test of time and simply, are not always sustainable.

Polished Concrete Australia floors offer low-cost flooring solutions that remain head-and-shoulders above other means of flooring. Let our polished concrete floors be the foundation to the home that you’ve always wanted. Incomparably beautiful and extremely adaptive – our floors will support you and your family long into the future.

State of the art equipment

Our team of friendly experts are like no other. Their passion, skill and determination are engrained in the very foundations of our business. Thanks to our industry-best equipment, our team members are able to polish off each project with results that speak for themselves.

Skanmaskin Sweden 1000rc 6 head remote control grinder for large areas
Lavina 800 mm 6 head grinder with vacuum ports
The first of its kind in Australia 30 horse power Hepa filtered vacuum equipment to control concrete dust
Ride on floor scrubber from Nilfisk
45kva generator for areas that have no 3 phase power supply
Battery operated National 5700 ride on tile remover
Imported propane powered ultra high speed burnishing equipment to carry out final polishing
Various hand grinding and polishing tools for edges
Shave king concrete shaver for rapid removal of surface coatings and toppings

Polished Concrete is ideal for

Residential flooring
Commercial Flooring
Industrial Flooring
Pubs and clubs
Eco friendly flooring solutions
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