Our Services

As our name suggests polished concrete floors are  our passion and we guarantee you wont see a better finished floor in the concrete polishing industry
Using our state of the art concrete grinding equipment from Skanmaskin Sweden we are able to remove all types of carpet  and tile glues and well as removal of epoxy coatings  as well as high spots in floors .

This  along with our colloidal silica polished concrete flooring systems  from Lythic in the United States  means we are able to cater for all ends of the building trade as well

If you have a warehouse or factory that requires just a clean up grind  and reseal to stop concrete dusting we can cater for the more economical market as well 

List of services we provide

Polished concrete flooring
Re-juvination of old worn polished concrete
Concrete Grinding and floor Preparation
Floor leveling
Adhesive / glue removal
Surface preparation
Ceramic tile removal
Vinyl  tile removal
Garage floor coatings
Non slip texture grinding
Paint and epoxy coating removal
Grinding of water damaged concrete slabs
cleaning concrete floors
anti slip coatings
decorative floor finishes
acid Stains
Concrete Dyes
safety line-marking
polished concrete reseals
refurbishment of  polished concrete  floors
Floor logos
concrete polishing Australia
acid stained concrete
dyed coloured concrete
burnishing concrete to polish
resealing existing floors
concrete shaving for rapid removal of toppings and exposing aggregates as well as repairing lippage from slab curling and creating an anti slip surface on ramps and driveways
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